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HDT Vagina Works on player - Not on followers


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Hey LL, I have a HDT vagina for my player character which works perfectly fine during various sex anims, but whenever I swap follower bodies out for the same one as my PC's it won't work during sex anims.

Their butts, boobs, and vagina will just point in one specific direction, losing any bounce or stretching (makes for VERY ugly shapes lol).


Does anyone know how to fix it? I've searched the forums thoroughly, but nothing is quite like what I have and I couldn't find a clear answer. I tried a few things but they didn't work (like giving the follower's body its own tri).

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Well.. i am out of ideas and tired as fuck.. I need to sleep... hope someone else can help.


Good Luck.


Haha, same here too. Thanks a bunch for your help!! I'll keep messing about with it :)



Does the follower have a skeleton? If so replace it with Groovtama's XP32. Have you tried linking female head.nif to hdtdefault.xml?


It just refers to whatever is set as main skeleton, which is the latest XPMSE for me. I'll try linking the female head NIF to the hdtdefault.xml! I'll report back tomorrow.  :)

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If the Follower has a customly built in skeleton it needs to be manually overwritten with one that is compatible.

Vanilla doesn't mean "the one in use" but "completely unmodified"

Alright I'll try setting the skeleton in the CK to a custom located one.


If replacing skeletons & meshes doesn't work, you could try UUNP Special from BodySlide + FloppySoS. That works fine for me and I don't really have to do anything.

That'll be my last resort option. :)


Thanks for the tips, both of you.

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