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Need help setting up Blender.


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I am more or less a novice when it comes to animating. I have dabbled in it a few times over the years and came to realize I really enjoy doing it. But I come across the same problem with Skyrim as is with almost every other game and that is setting up 3DS Max or Blender for the use of animating.


What I am looking for are links or a finger point in the direction I need to go to get the required files/programs. Often when I am told where there are either a long line of nonsensical links that lead no where, the page no longer exists or just cannot find it on google and all the search results point to unofficial sites like softonic or some shit.



I am just looking for help to get my foot in the door. I know I need blender and nifscope installed but is there ANYTHING that I am missing besides those two items?

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