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Anyone want to help a modding noob?

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If you really want to mod, start to think for yourself.


For example, you want a painting mod? Go to nexus download some "custom painting mod" or "painting replacers" , open them, take a look at files. 2 folders, one is named textures and second one is names meshes, there is also a standalonepainting.esp. So .esp is probably plugin that allows custom stuff in skyrim?  You probably will notice a .dds extension, what does that means? *google* ah got gimp and dds plugin already.


Now you see some texture ending in the _n ? Google *skyrim _n file extenstion meaning", so thats it now I have normal map plugin for gimp installed. Whats next? Check meshes folder if there some files, nif? What is it? Repeat the process.


Now lets open .esp and find these pantings. But how to ? Dunno maybe try to type in the filter *picture* or * paint* and it will show you everything related to it?

Now what? Some basic creation kit tutorials? Some gimp tutorials about retexturing. Some blender tutorials about creating your own painting mesh? Or maybe i should experience by myself and try to figure it out.


If you really want to mod you need to start by yourself because no one will hold your hand through every step, especially with basic stuff like this. And on other other site there are plenty of tutorials and even free modders resource so you don't even need to learn blender and 3d modelling.


Self learning through reverse engineering is very crucial step if you want to start mod some stuff. If no one wants to help you or you are too lazy to read the tutorials.

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