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i want somebody convert this new vegas nif to Fallout 4 nif(and make female body ver. too!)


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One of my friend send me to a South American Rebel disguise uniform from MGS 4.

i request the new vegas version because i think this way(just FO4 convert what already modified for FO3,NV) better to find someone. and also he just can make NV Mod only.


it just one uniform only. and please make this female body version too(i think this can using bodyslide i guess?).


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You're missing some textures so I couldn't really check it too well. But here's a nif and an fbx in a really quick and raw pose conversion. If someone wants to finish editing. Still need to create material files and put them in the nif and such.

oh...... probably a tactical vest... here it is. and can make a female body shape is impossible?


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