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Eyelash Prob


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Could anyone please help me with a prob I have with my female char's eyelashes being misaligned? Already did a forum search... (at least in this sub forum). 


As for my eye mods:


1.) SG Female Eyebrows

2.) High Quality Eyes

3.) The Eyes of Beuaty

4.) Imprved Eye Reflections and Cube Map

5.) Mikan Eyes

6.) Maevan2's Eye Brows




Any help or insight would greatly be appreciated :)

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old mikan eyes or new mikan eyes?


Because new mikan eyes have a new model for eyelashes. So check if your eyes are not getting overwritten.

The old one... I tried switching the eye color out to vanilla and it still didn't go away. I then switched the eye type # and it realigned. Apparently it only does it to some eye types... So I guess this really isn't a huge issue then. Thank you Dagren for replying.

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