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So, just generic question. I have RealVision ENB (though I assume the ENB itself does not matter), and my FPS aallllwaaayyyyssss stops just as it hits 30 and bounces around there (never higher, only down to like 28, 29 and back). I've gone into the enblocal file in my Skyrim folder and changed the number to 120, to 70, and to 60, and random numbers in between but it always stops at 30. I even adjusted the thing in game, to no avail. What am I doing wrong?

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Someone on Reddit writes:



You can do it through your ENB via ENBlocal.ini.

There's an actual frame limiter built in, but that causes stutter for me. A better solution is to use vsync, enabling it and using VSyncSkipNumFrames=1 under [Engine]. That will limit you to 30 frames.





Not sure how reliable that is. But, worth checking to see if that setting is switched and testing to see if it's locking you at 30.


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