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Valentine Cats

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Valentine Cats!


Thanks for the memories...


Memorializing the last year men and women may actually date.






Well virtually dating is the future , it better than the real deal .Pass the beer and pizza please ........



Oculus Rift has a killer app:  Uh kinda like stuff on here.  Or why the internet is doing business...BUT it comes with peripherals that can grab you (sic).  They already have them in Japan. So you could be watching some "girlfriend experience" on OR, while getting kinesthetic "feedback" with peripherals. 


How hard to create, do you think, would be the Clinton Whitehouse experience in OR.  If she's not on top, I just think...why am I working so hard?  She gets way more out of this than I do...I didn't even get a dinner after when I was younger...and I did champion work.


How far will men go to not go thru soul crushing bs just to get laid...ok, or not have to listen to unending bs about complete trivia, or buy hair, nails, clothes, phones, food, and sometimes a car note, just to be in a queue to get laid!? 


OR will come close to end dating.  It is disruptive technology.  I am awaiting with baited breath, the next Xmas...no more presents needed.  Want a kid?  There's surrogates, US bans you?  Go overseas, all the Hollywood "men" do: pay one price, not forever after.  Problem solved.


2024 is the Japanese industry's date for a female android companion...so OR is just the "bridge" technology.  Robots like Pepper are laying the groundwork for our future companions that don't come with rolling eyes and go fk yourself temperments.  Female androids are already working in Japanese hotels.  All you have to do now, is not be automated out of existence...


Men, we fk'ing won.  Finally, we fk'ing won. 


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