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Mods to make it more interesting for male Charakters


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So im having a issue, actualy i kind of want to play a male Charakter again, but i dont find enough mods to make it interesting enough there a tons of mods that are mostly suited for female chars, but only some for males, do you have any mods you can recommend?


Another problem is when you play a female Charakter you can make a stunning beauty, but the NPC female look even with CBBE and all the other mods more or less the same and that is a great issue for me.



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Go through this a bit,

it details some of the essential mods you'll want to make a decent male character. Otherwise there are some male presets on Nexus that can get you started on a somewhat OK character


Someone just uploaded an Alistair preset that is probably the nicest looking male preset I've seen in Skyrim.

I always play as a guy, because I roleplay as the character, and you are right, the mods are more limited for males compared to females, but I just install like 200 female follower mods and make a harem...

And go get KS Hairdos, it adds a lot of really good male hairstyles.

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