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bLUE body need help


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i was trying to download a vampire skin fix then i have already install the Vampire skin color fix  http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/25382/?  so did follow his instruction im using MO so i did open my character overhaul merge mods consisting of  i did copy the femalehead.dds from there and rename it to femalevampirehead.dds just    like the instruction  and then i make a folder data/texture/actors/character/female there i  place my femalevampirehead.dds

then when i test it my character body is blue so i restore my backup on MO from feb 11   but  still im getting this blue body textures i have already    tried to installed another texture from  un7b anyone know how to fix this???     


i thinking this is not a texture problem cause i have already installed a new one the face changes hand and feet also but the body shoulder to the leg they are all blue except for the hand and the feet and the head



i have check some of my profile and there`s no blue texture body


my merge mods in Character overhaul


character overhaul is not a mod but a name of my merge patch                                                                



Eyes of Aber.esp
Improved Eyes Skyrim.esp
KJ Tattoos 2K.esp
RaceMenu - Norse Tattoos.esp
MikanEyes All in one.esp
KS Hairdo's.esp
Satan's Hairpack.esp




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