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Slight Breast Crush/Sink on Armor Equip after 2 Seconds


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Like the title says, when I equip torso armor, any armor, after about 2 seconds, the breasts will size down a tad - just enough to annoyingly sink into the chest a bit.  When I unequip armor, they pop back up after a few seconds.


On max body size, the same happens, a slight sinking, so I don't think it is DDi setting the breast node, because then it would be a major shrink.  Regardless, I emptied the device hider slot for 32 and unchecked breast node management just to make sure.  No dice.


However, the fact that the breasts stay normal for a few seconds after equipping armor before the sinking seems to indicate that some mod or script is the culprit, but I have no idea of any other mod that tweaks the breast, but ONLY while wearing armor.  Milk Mod, Cursed Loot, Beeing Female, and Hormones all have the potential to resize, but I have turned off any resizing.  Also, if these mods were the culprit, then it would stand to reason that the resizing would happen while nude as well.  Once again, this only happens with armor equipped.


CBBE Bodyslide Armor

Latest Skeleton (Milk machine compatibility version.  However, same problem happens when I replace the skeleton to the standard HDT.)

Bounce and Jiggles (from the other site) HDT file with belly node


Any ideas?



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