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Character Preset Contest For Skyrim Mod Review


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Send me your sexy, pretty, beautiful, and/or cute characters to me! Of course, all those attributes are "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". Send in what you think is beautiful. So I am hosting this character preset contest because I have used my own 2 characters for 2 years now and I am looking to get my own viewers and some in the skyrim community involved. Seems all the action is in fallout 4, I still hold onto skyrim. Use whatever outfits and ENB you can for the images so you can gain an advantage :P.... hehe.

I am looking for a character that can easily switch between UNP (UNPB) and CBBE. Preferably human race. If use custom race, again, it must have both CBBE and UNP (UNPB). Must be female of course, since 90% of the armor is female. For this contest, I will be using Race Menu (I know a lot of people use ECE, but I am using Race Menu atm and I wanna keep it simple). Maybe in a few months I will hold another contest for ECE specifically :P.

In about 1 or 2 weeks, I will choose the top 5 to appear in a video. For a deadline? I don't really have one, I'll choose when I have time. So posts your character images ASAP. Afterwards, I will choose 1 of the 5 to be used in my Skyrim Mod Review Boobs and Lubes series for at least 5 episodes. Most likely, it may be even up to a year.

You can list all the mods you used to create her when you post images of the character you are entering with. I will ask if I pick your character. If I choose your character for top 5 or the 1st place, then I will be messaging you for the preset file.
You can post your images here in this thread or on my


twitter  https://twitter.com/VatiWah
vatiwah steam group http://steamcommunity.com/groups/VatiwahSexyBeast/discussions/0/405691147600805879/

Anyways, if you need any more details you can check out


Thank you for your time :3. Stay sexy everyone.

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