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Transparent powerarmor done! Help needed with replacing male body inside


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I´m working on a mod that makes the powerarmor frame and plating transparent/seethrough - done



The problem is that there is a male body inside the powerarmor frame that uses raiderunderarmorM. This is equipped under any powerarmorframe you use in the game (possible exceptions bosuniform, vaultsuit, wastelanderunderarmor).

I need/would like som help to Exchange that male body (raider_body_0) with a cbbe body...


I have no clue if it´s doable without geck or if i could be done with 3ds or blender...


Tried and failed so far


Exchanged body in OS with cbbe - resulted in a empty powerframe with a nice fleshkite sailing above it



Adjusted (tried but definetly did know what i was really doing) height/weight in blender - resulted in a skewed skin mostly inside the powerframe but powerframe no longer animated so the body just drags it with...



So if anybody would like to help that would be greatly appreciated :shy:





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