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What .tri file to use?


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Hello everyone.


As the most of us, I've been making my own followers to personalize my game playing. In my case, using RaceMenu by Expired and the Creating Standalone NPCs tutorial by Natilde (my thankfulness for such awesome contributions). I Used to use .tri files from vanilla data (femaleheadchargen, femaleheadraces, eyesfemalechargen... and so on), and they worked fine, but noted that the resulting follower faces are not exactly as the ones I see in my own char, when using RaceMenu. Iris kinda bigger than I thought, smaller mouths... and some minimal (and not so minimal) diferences with proportions that, all them together, makes me see a diferent face to the one I planed.


I thought that was cause I'm using, as I said, vanilla .tri files, so I planned to remake my favourite followers using RaceMenu .tri files. And here comes the doubt: which ones are the right ones? RaceMenu uses up to 4 .tri file packs: cme (cme_eyesfemale, cme_headfemale...), ece (eceeyesfemale, eceheadfemale...), ran's (rans_eyefemale, rans_headfemale...) , and nuska (eyesfemalechargen, femaleheadchargen...).


I have no clue about which ones I must use, neither what system I'm using with any of the sliders. I'd thank any suggestion, at least to clarify this.



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