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[Scripting] SXP


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=> http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/40899/?


I want to start a new play-through with the above mod, but during my initial testing I noticed one thing. 


When speaking to a smith (may also occur with enchanters etc. haven't tested) I get instant EXP. 


I assume this is to do with Honed Metal, or some other mod I have in my load order which does this.


I myself have no scripting knowledge, so I do not know how to deactivate the crafting exp from SXP or whether there was any way around this.


I consider Honed Metal (or its alternative which I have not tested NPCs can Craft) to be essential, I could re-activate vanilla crafting exp in uncapper but I would still need a way to turn off crafting exp in SXP. 


The attached file includes Uncapper for Ordinator and the fix in the mod comment posts with regards to trainers not providing exp. SXP - Incl Trainer Fix & Uncapper.rar

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