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Tentacles and Lovecraft erotic horror


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Short version. Tentacle mines, slime guns, and new creatures.


Long version. After finishing the Cabot house quests I thought to myself what could be done with the mysterious serum and F.E.V.? What I am thinking of is a whole group of weapon mods and creatures. Tentacle mines can work great as movement inhibitors. Slime could be used to kill with an aggressive form of F.E.V. that rapidly mutates enemies but burns through their hp in the process. A syringe dart could infect a target with an embryo that eats its way out or assimilates its host and attack or rape nearby enemies.


More serum could be farmed by equipping Lorenzo's crown to a character so they will create more and possibly give them new abilities. F.E.V. could be acquired from the institute or from mutant enemies. I believe that the FEV virus still exists in the environment give some of the Institutes experiments and the tendency for legendary enemies to mutate. 


Symbiotes can be made equipped by characters to change abilities and appearance. Much like power armor they can only be crafted and equipped at special vats. The vats can also be placed in settlements to improve settlers and to improve happiness through communal activities. It could also provide food in the form of its goo. Additionally a power station could be made that requires a settler assigned to it to power it with psychic energy. 


Mutated versions of enemies with strange powers, tentacle limbs, or other strange appearance. A new faction of cultists fight other factions for control of the Commonwealth. If the PC joins them they can begin quests to share their madness to the world.

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