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skills lvl up by their self when doing nothing. (solved)


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I got already 2 or 3 lvl of 2 handed and dont use any two handed weapons it also increase my light armor randomly, it's less a probleme since I m light armor but still. It atarted in a cave ( the one where you get the dragon elder scroll).


I didnt install any new mod just before but it may be mod related or not no idea.


Is there a way to get a mod list from nmm or loot? I have like 70 or 80 mods runing so it will be long to list them all by hand.


I generaly fix the bugs by googling them, strangly "skill lvl bug" bring a lot of way to exploit bugs but nothing to stop them to increase by themself. ^^


Edit: I tryed fixscriptinstance with savetool with no success.


It seams to be on a timer or somthing since I got a two handed upgrad just after entering a cave and get an autosave. I relaunched the save a couple time and whatever I do after like 30 sec my two handed get a lvl up.


Edit 2: Restarted from an older save and the same bug started again in Aftand glacial ruins. Same as before.

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