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Problem converting a skyrim armor


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I'm having an issue converting a Skyrim CBBE armor to FO4 CBBE.  When I get it converted, and it shows up in the game, I still have some odd issues I cant seem to correct.


1) The armor in outfit studio has its arms by its side, but the 'body' has its arms spread outward,  Not sure how line them up.


2) The armor in game clips through the body quite a lot even though it does not clip at all in Bodyslide, Outfit studio or Nifskope (except the arms being spread part of course)


3) The texture in game is very dark and glossy but it isn't shown that way anywhere outside the game.


Here are the steps I took so far:


1. Load outfit into Outfit Studio (with Skyrim CBBE to FO4 CBBE preset).


2. Move Outfit to line up with FO4 CBBE, set base shape, flip slider to 100, and set base shape.


3. Export Meshes as an FBX format (highlight each one then at the top {not right click, but at the top} go to "Shape" and Export as FBX).


4. After all of the meshes are exported load a blank outfit (choose load outfit and leave it at the defaults and hit okay, this will clear out the skyrim nif and what not).


5. Import Each FBX file back into Outfit Studio (Set the texture paths and what not by right clicking them and choosing properties).


6. Load the Default CBBE reference in OS (this is for Bodyslide 3 not 2 by the way). High light each mesh right click one of them and choose Copy Bone weights.


7. Exported the Nif with reference.




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