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Need help testing a mod.


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I'm wondering if anyone would be willing to help me test a mod. Some people have been reporting an issue with certain setups, so I need someone with a fresh game to try it out, because I cannot reproduce the issue.

Basically, it's a mesh replacer. It replaces the broken and destroyed roofs in Sanctuary with the pre-war versions, while keeping the post-war textures. There's nothing fancy, no bells and whistles, just a simple mesh replacer.


The problem people are reporting is that on a game that they've never installed the mod on before, and have the beta patch installed, the mod doesn't work. Many of the reports came down to they didn't read the damned description, or the stickied top comment and just blindly installed it, but there are a few hold outs, and I just want to make sure it's still working.

So what I need is someone who never installed the mod, has the beta patch installed, and can test to see if the meshes are replaced in Sanctuary.

Now, there ARE requirements. You need to somehow tell the game to uncombine the combined meshes, which either requires a mod like Spring Cleaning, or an ini edit.
This ini edit:
Fallout.ini under the General header


If you use Spring Cleaning, you don't need the ini edit. The ini edit is also known to cause performance issues on weaker pcs.

So if someone can test this out and report back to me, I'd appreciate it.

Repaired Sanctuary Roofs esp version-6825--2_2.rar

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