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Beast Race (Argonian-Khajiit) mismatch body mesh when wearing armor


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This one is a persistent bug, every male and female beast race has human body mesh when wearing armor


Seems it's already answered in nexus forum, but the suggestion is only load an older save, and my older save (the really safe one) is really far away back then my saves now


The Diagnosis:

1. Beast race (Argonian-Khajiit) has/use human body mesh when wearing armor

2. I try to call Jaree-ra after loading another save (sadly yes, this save has already effected by this bug),but the body is normal and not bugged, just after entering another cell when I call him again, the body is bugged

3. The body is still normal when the armor is removed or they're naked

4. Try to re-equip his armor, and it goes back to normal, after entering another cell the body is bugged again

5. If spawning another argonian or khajiit, their body is normal until entering another cell


about load order, i have one merged plugins but only for weapons, I use LOOT before playing


I have  SKSE 1.7.3, FNIS 6.2, Skyrim patched to


Anyone got this problem?


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