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Need new mouse that can be programmed but can't find good ones.


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I have been looking for a new mouse that can be carried to different computers that can save at least 5 profiles and has full customization where you don't have to put things on a stupid tiny turbo button. I do lots of art and need DPI of 4000
I need a new mouse that has macros with no minimum time limits on delays. I mean to be able to set macros that can push many keys at the same time and don't have a forced delay between each command like the CM storm mice do.

I tried the CM storm infurno mouse but it has forced 12 millisecond delays and the mouse buttons always broke the springs. I'm refunding a gamadius zeus I just got because it won't let me reprogram the left and right mouse clicks and I can't reach the programmable button on the side so I cannot use these.

I can try cheap mice since expensive ones seem to break anyways.

I am also left handed.

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