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Problem with the Citrus Head.


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Hey, I've just switched to CITRUS head and I got a bit of a problem with it. To be exact: most/all lips have a visible distortion.

Now, in the few posts/topics I have managed to google regarding this matter, I have read that a slight distortion of lips may happen while using CITRUS and it should be just corrected with sculpt feature of RM. It just seems to be bit too much for my sculpting skills, so I wanted to make sure that the issue does not lie somewhere else.


This is what the lips of my character looked like originally:




And what it looks like now:





You can see that the difference is quite obvious. Now, this happen both to my presets as well as a new characters made from scratch. I have also turned off every single mod (praise the MO!) to make sure no leftovers from other mods are present in my game, but the effect is exactly the same.

This distortion is present regardless of whether the sliders are all set to "0" or not, so it isn't just one of the sliders messing this up. 


So, does anyone know what may have went wrong? Have I messed up somewhere, or is it this default asymmetry/distortion that is present in the CITRUS head that I've read about? If it is the latter, then that's fine - I'll somehow work around it. I will change the lips or find a way to sculpt it properly. I just want to be sure that it is not anything on my side or that I can actually fix. Especially that when I've googled pics of characters made with this CITRUS, I haven't found any with such issues.


Also, not sure if it matters, but it happens both in standalone and in replacer versions. 


Below you can find a few more examples. The bottom two images are taken with all sliders set to "0" and a default face:
















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I believe it's because you've edited the vertex and the game couldn't read it appropriately. The vertex of your old headmesh has less polygon, and citrus headmesh has more.


Remaking your character with the advanced headmesh is the safest bet. Even if you do manage to import the old headmesh, the citrus headmesh would be useless to you then.

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Well, I would completely agree with with you, but unfortunately this also happens when I create a new character from a scratch - without loading any presets, so it cannot be caused just because of my presets.


I am beginning to think that this is just how it looks and I can't do anything about it.

I'd be pretty grateful however, if someone could check it in their game if this particular mouth that I am using is causing them the same issue. This way I could confirm if this is something that happens only in my game, or if it is just how it looks.


If anyone is up for this then my mouth sliders are set to:

Mouth Type: 0

Mouth Type 2: 13


All other sliders can be set to 0. It should still be visible (although setting the "Chin Forward" slider toward negative values shows this issue much better).


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