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Onscreen Tips "recruitment Beacon" and others


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You're playing (Building/fighting) and an animated know-it-all tells you stuff in the Top-Left-hand corner of the screen.

"Always wash your helmet for good Hygiene",  whatever.


Occasionally I can't see the random tip in time, and it's bugging me. Freaking useless guy.

I want to (right this second) see the tip about the recruitment Beacon

that starts

"Every day your recruitment Beacon is on, ...Yada you read slowly"

Thanks so much.


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Your post is more like a request for a mod that a request for technical support.


Now, there are already a couple of mods that will change the "notification" of a settlement to be attacked as popup message, so they are way more visible.


About the "beacon" I don't know. Also because what is the information you are looking for?




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