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[Request] Sexy Lab Coat w/Stockings


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Since there are such talented modders here I thought someone might be able to help with this. I am looking for a Shorter and Sexier version of the Vault-Tec Lab Coat. Without the under skirt with nicer stockings in white, perhaps red and a sexier shoe model. If possible for the Coat to have the buttons all open reavealing ample cleavage and stomach. With the addition of the ab slider I prefer everything as open as possible.


The Character I am looking to use this on will be a Mad Bomber/Chemist High Int. type. Siding with the Institute. Will be a Drug using, Bomb Throwing, Sexy Genius. Gonna make myself a pimped Gold version of Kellog's gun for those up close a personal (oh shit) moments.


If anyone here could make such an outfit I would be most grateful.


Thanks :D

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