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Dibella sisterhood redemption question


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Hi all. Hope I"m posting in the right place. If not, perhaps someone can point the way.


I'm progressing through the Dibella temple redemption track and have hit a snag. After being brought around by the gift of a Daggerfall clover wreath, Sister Senna has me speak to Fjotra, who sends me to her home town to retrieve an item from her past... spoilers follow, for those who haven't done the quest.


I contact Emmon, who tells me Karthwasten doesn't need more like me and that I should get lost. So I enter his home, find Mena's journal, steal it, read it, and the journal immediately updates that I should return to Fjotra. But Fjotra doesn't have a dialogue thread that recognizes the journal, so nothing proceeds. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?


I have the very latest versions of all Dibella elements installed, and the most recent version of Sexlab.


Thanks for any insights!

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