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Repeating Message in Upper Left Corner


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Had a question, about sexlab aroused. The display message in the upper left corner "sexlab aroused is ready to use" is in a constant loop and keeps popping up non-stop, do any of you know anyway that I can get this to stop. Also I am not a frequent modder, pretty new to it. Thing is it runs fine it's just the message doesn't go away. if anyone can get back to me that be great, thanks. 

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Yes, using a save game cleaner like ones found on the nexus or maybe here as well can come in very handy.


I believe many scripts (or all) are kept on the save file. This means if you have a script that constantly runs, the save file will keep that in memory so to speak. So even if you delete the mod (and the scripts themselves), the script can still be trying to run (although it most likely won't do anything too noticeable or won't work correctly without the mod's esp and other files.)


This also comes into play when scripts from mods are changed heavily. Sometimes they won't update properly because they are stuck running in the save file as a different version.


It's good to always make a backup of the save before trying to use a cleaner though!

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