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Mount and Blade Warband : Warwolf H Content Walkthrough


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This is a walkthrough attempt for Warwolf H Content. This is not the total walkthrough, please send in info to better this walkthrough. As I am playing a Female MC, sorry all male content will be add when someone tells me, and will not be tested by me.




-Tavern Keeper is Nude and force to dance by bandits. {random events} (Losing the fight nets nothing)

-Bandits Raping random women {Random event by hitting a Bandit Hideout.} (Losing the fight nets nothing.)

-Offer Townsmen (In the Street of the Town) A BJ or Sex for some money. (There a trait that increases the amount gain)

-Prosuition (sp?) event in town {Random}

-Build a secret Mansion and you can place captured ladies inside when you have Prison and Torture Chamber (options are gangbang, beating, horse cage, stay with cropses, and starving) and train them. After they are at least Hesiant you can have them dance for guest or send them to the brothel (If you built one)




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