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I'm looking to apply a full body tattoo set to a character via NIO. The texture is applied during a transformation, so SlaveTats and racemenu aren't good options. I have them set up to match the body texture so I can just drop the overlay into the DDS as a layer, but i'd like to be able to apply it directly rather than making a new body texture every time.


I'm wondering if anyone could help with getting a full body texture set loaded in and applied to the character for this purpose.

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With NIOverride you can dynamically replace textures.


But probably it will be safer and more easy to use a "tattoo framework" to add your tattoos.


Said screw it and used slavetats and the included API. Was hoping to avoid using an extra mod for it, but yeah, much easier lol.

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You can replicate what slavetats does.

But do you really what to do it?


For me is way more easy just to use it to do what you want.

And if you do it directly on your mod, then you may have problems of conflicting with other mods. Like slavetats.

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