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[IDEA] Dangerous Prostitues


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So I installed Prostitutes of Skyrim recently and the 2 patches from here. 


The NPCs work as intended but the Vanilla NPCs have no extra dialogue. 


However after playing around with it for a while I came up with an idea of sorts. 


Could the Prostitutes be set to killable and respawn. And have some of them be vampires/succubus? I.e Random Sanguine Vampiris or some sort of debuff placed on the player after sex. 


More on that, if the debuff could be a delayed response the player could go back and try and track down the culprit and upon combat they transform etc. 


It would also help if the prostitutes have packages which make them roam around different locations so that even if you wanted to track him/her down, she might have skipped town. 


Or just mimic the above by just making her disappear and then reappear at a later time? 



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