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Some coordination for BodySlide conversions


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Hey y'all!



Create an easier way of communication and coordination for modders who create conversions for various outfits AND users can quickly browse, find and request outfits.



I've been using BodySlide for quite some time now, and noticed several things (and please, I really don't want to hurt anyone's feelings =)):

  • There are a lot of general topics that are used for posting conversions.
  • Everyone who does conversions has his/her own file thread (which seems to be the best way about this).
  • People don't really know which outfits are done already, or are too lazy to look them up, and request in them in multiple threads.
  • Conversionists start converting outfits, although someone else is already working on it. Posting in threads becomes messy very quickly and following 

There is maybe more to it, but can't think of anything else right now.


But there is a quite easy solution for it: Issue trackers.



You guys may know Github (this is just a suggestion - we could basically use any issue tracking there is). It allows users in a repository to post issues, assign labels and persons to those issues.

For people who convert outfits this would mean, that they would require an account there (it's absolutely free), and to be added as contributor to this repository, so they can be assigned.



For users who are just browsing and trying to find an outfit, it's very simple to use the interface too. You don't even have to have an account for it. You could just filter for "CBBE" (or "UUNP"), and any other labels we might come up with. (like "armor", "clothing", etc.). If there is something you would like to have converted, you just quickly browse the issue tracker for the stuff you're looking. If it's not there, just post it there, here on loverslab, it doesn't matter. Somebody will see it and create an issue accordingly. 


"What about the files?"

Of course the files can (and probably should) here on loverslab, or you can mirror them on mega or any other filehoster you desire. Then just link to the mirrors in the issue. 


"What are you blabbering about?"

You can see a poor showcase of what I mean on the repository I created for myself to keep me posted about the stuff I still have to do/fix right here: Link


"So you will have all the data?"

Not at all. Github allows the creation of organization, in which any user can be a member of, allowing to collaberate without any hassle (it's really intuitive!).



Create clearity on what is going, who is doing what, what is done, what has been done, what is going to be done, etc. etc.

Heck, this doesn't even have to be about Skyrim only. We could also create a label for different games (Skyrim, FO4, any future title).


PS: I'm not sure if there is already similiar functionality here on LL, but I think not (since it's "just" a Forum). 


PSS: I've always admired the work the modding community has done, but I always have the feeling as if... everyone "lives"/"mods" for himself, ALTHOUGH THEY SHARE IT (please please don't take this the wrong way). 


I really would love to hear your input on this (and hopefully one or the other modders sees this too).


Thanks for reading! =)


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