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How to tweak followers face into my own RaceMenu preset?


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Sorry if this is a re-post, I couldn't find the topic about it;


I created a custom made body and a face and I would like to apply it to a standalone follower. Sofia for example. Can someone please help me understand how do I do that? Thanks in advance!  :cool:

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Just follow the steps that are described in my follower tutorial (in my signature), but be sure your mod will overwrite Sofia, if you just want to replace her.

Hello! Thank you very much! 

I followed your instructions and in CK when I import the head "SofiaFACE.npc" it imports some quite common female face. So I thought that it is a custom race problem. So I edited some other NPC into a ygNord race with my ygNord race data file activated, and when I import the face to that NPC it also only slightly changes face to another common face. Do you have an idea what I'm doing wrong? 

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The import in CK is not perfect. But it is not exactly what you will see in game.

I recommend after you do the import (and all other things you need) to test in game and not in CK.


The CK preview is really limited.


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Still not working. Can you please confirm that I am doing everything ok:


1. I enter the game and open showracemenu on my ygnord character. I check the mods used and save my character face.

2. I type into console spf TESTFace

3. I open CK and select all necessary mods (Skyrim, Enchanced Character Edit, Race compatibility)

4. I tweak for example Mjoll and give her the saved face with import command

5. Preview face in CK looks nothing like my ygnord character

6. I go in game and see that the face is changed, but it looks nothing like my ygnord character


I humbly ask that you help me to see what I'm doing wrong. :)

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Be sure the race of your character is the same race used by the NPC.

If the race is not exactly the same it will not work.


And also ECE is not good for my tutorial, that is 100% based on RaceMenu.


Check also that the skeleton you use for your character is the same skeleton used by the NPC, it should be but we never know.

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Maybe explanation of what I'm trying to do will shine more light:


I plan to play as a male character and would like to make my current female character into a follower. My female character is ygNord race. She looks perfect and I would like to add her body and head to already made standalone follower, Sofia. How do I do that?  


If you would like, I can create a drawing for you as a thank you for vasting your time on a modding noob as me. This is what I do for living, so you can expect pro level thank you gift. I mean it. 

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I don't want any gift. I just like to help.

Now, probably your results are not good because of the incompatible races.


Probably it will be more easy just to create a brand new NPC with the ygNord race, and then apply the face to it.

Sofia has a different race, so you will not get the correct results.


You can follow my tutorial, in this case do not create a custom race, just use ygNord race.


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