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Having some SOS/Quiver/Skeleton problems


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I use the UNP body, been trying to get SOS to work with it.


Originally, I used the XP32 extended skeleton, and the UNP SOS addon for females,

The problem I had there was that the cock stays in plays when I move or jump (instead of moving with the character.  Also, when I crouch, the breasts go flat.


So, I then found the SOS Skeleton, and installed that, overwriting the XP32 one, suddenly it works just fine.


This is strange because I've read that you should only have one skeleton at a time, so I'm not entirely sure what's up with that.


Since it's working, it'd make sense for me to not wonder why and leave it at that, however if I use XP32 AND the SOS Skeleton, the breasts and cock are fine, but this happens with crossbow quivers... The bolt quiver sits on the left hip (rather than lower back) and sticks out about 8 inches from the body


Anyone have ideas?

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If I remember well... SOS works better with Dimonized UNP body. Also, as you said, you can have only one skeleton at once. Overwriting XP32 means that now you only have SOS Skeleton installed. I would suggest you to run "FNIS for users" again and see what happens. However, I'm not an expert, and if things works for you... why bother, pal? :D

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Yeah, I'm using Dimonized UNP body, and it works, it's just that the XP32 skeleton seems incompatible with SOS, so I had to get the SOS skeleton, but then the SOS skeleton doesn't play nice with bolt quivers, I guess now I'm just wondering if anyone knows how to make the SOS skeleton and bolt quivers behave?

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