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"Additional Player Voices" --> "Additional NPC voices"...?


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I'm recently getting into modding, but I'm only grasping basics now with meshes and textures and using the CK, so this is in another category for me... Basically I have this mod "Additional Player Voices" it works like a soundtrack, so whenever I sneak, sheath weapons, attack etc. certain "soundtracks" will be played. It's this mod: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/21215/? - Inserting my own soundtracks isn't the problem, but since they're working as a soundtrack I would like to know if it is anyhow possible to turn it into dialog that is played in these specific occasions? There's no vanilla dialog when sneaking etc., but I wonder. Especially since the way these voices work are that you get a power "Additional voices" and have to turn them on that way, so I doubt it's possible but just thought I'd ask anyway


On another note, is it maybe possible to create voices like this for a custom made follower? With or without it being dialogue?

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