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[Request] Super Mutant Strong's perspective on Macbeth


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Going through the Gopher's game walk through videos, one of his video introduced a super mutant companion named "Strong" who seemed to have the goal in life due to the term "The Milk of human Kindness".


Being said, would it be possible that Strong might eventually think that Human and Milk might be the answer to making him stronger? :lol:


Maybe human milk acts like a stimpack for Strong when he needs healing so if he gets injured enough, he'll look around for the nearest human and forcefully drink from "The Milk of Human Kindness"?


Just a thought of this being a possible and potential mod, although, it may be a bad idea during a fight. :-/

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Just adding a picture to encourage any modders out there that find my thoughts interesting. =)



The picture was taken in Second Life using the WL settings and inworld camera; nothing was altered in the piccy. The objects and surroundings used were either bought or created inworld using the prim to mesh scripts.




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