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Wrist seam with 7B Oppai


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Hello everyone


I wanted to know if there is any way to get rid of the wrist seam when wearing vanilla armor? I use 7B Oppai and when naked everything is fine. But as soon as I wear a vanilla amor, I get wrist/ankle seams.


I didn't find any lorefriendly vanilla armor conversion... Is there a way to do it myself?

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Thanks for your help. I did that but sadly it didn't work.


Here you see my character naked. And here as soon as I put on the rags. I can manually fix this problem by going into the racemenu and setting my weight to max.


However, I mostly wanna fix this problem for the NPCs, so fixing my own weight is no solution. I thought I could bypass this problem by going into bodyslide and setting the min weight to max weight. This however didn't fix it: As soon as I put on vanilla armor, the wrist seam appeared again.


Some further tests I did:


If I choose an UUNP - UNPB body in BodySlide, everything is fine:
UUNP - UNPB: With vanilla rags

However, when I choose the UUNP - 7B Oppai body, I get this:
UUNP - 7B Oppai: Nude
UUNP - 7B Oppai: With vanilla rags




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This might sound real stupid, but do I need the "original" body when using BodySlide??


I always had UNPB - Blessed Body in my load order as "base body" so to speak. I then created the 7B Oppai meshes via BodySlide and let them overwrite the UNPB - Blessed Body meshes.


What I did now however, was to download the 7B Oppai body from Lovers Lab and with it most things work! No more seams when changing to vanilla armor, UNPB armor etc - the only thing that changes is the shape of the boobs.


I do however have a slight seam by default on the wrists with the 7B Oppai mod.



EDIT: @Gameplayer: I replaced the femalehands_0 and _1 in your file with the ones from the original mod and this seems to fix the seam issue when changing armor more or less. I do have a slight seam on the wrists, but it's better than when I just use the original mod.

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