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How about Medal of Honor 2010 enemy faction Armor?(include c4d file)


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from youtube channel of rroobboo 999
 (Taliban, AQ)
my google drive backup
(i mean, when Mod Creation Kit is released.)
here is optional request. a armor from Medal of Honor 2010.
yeah. medal of honor is doomed after warfighter. but MoH 2010 is awesome masterpiece too me. espically a historical research(i didnt even know chechen guys fight with taliban).
somebody want other military armor from well-known games(not Glorious Mission).
what i want is Taliban, AQ(a modernized outfit guys. inside with taliban file), and Chechen guys.
a cap(rags, arabic, knit) and uniform with equipment. and Female Body Version Too of course.
(oh, and variation is just appears in youtube movie.)


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