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Visible holstered weapons


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Is this mod available yet? I can't play without it. It's like you are keeping 2h weapons in your pocket in skyrim.


To have visible holstered weapons.


Could take a lot for that.


Now if a simple costume were enough sure someone could have holstered weapons right away....

Thing is that would be a simple gun attached to the custom wouldn't go away when you get it out.


So to build what your likely asking for would involve knowing what Slots are available.


Having prebuilt meshes with weapon and perhaps a holster....If there is also a holster then you have to have 2 slots one for holster and one for weapon.


Then you have to have some programed means for how that weapon appears in the holster which will likely involve scripting.

-This is not something you can just do in Xedit program


Have to wait for at least the Geck and may even have to wait until F4SE is coded for it.


If there also has to be animations then those have to actually be built...........And preferably when the assets like holsters and weapon holstered are already made.


In short your asking for something pretty complicated.


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No doubt someone will make it, it's a weird choice from Bethesda they did not include it but that has been discussed enough already.


It will not be easy i think and will probably require something like the Dual sheeth redux mod for Skyrim. But on the other hand, hopefully alot will be like Skyrim so modders do not have to learn alot of new stuff.

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