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[Idea/Request] Adoptable Child Replacer

Sural Argonus

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OK.  now I could probably do some of this myself, but I have discovered that every program including the Creation Kit for some unknown reason will not work on my computer.  Continually crashes.  I can't get any programs to create/edit NPCs to function on my computer at all.  So learning how to make or edit NPCs has been a fruitless endeavor for me.  

One of the ideas I have been tossing around in the back of my head for a while has been the adoptable children.  One of the features of Heathfire that I dislike the most is the adoption.  I hardly ever use it.  Seems pointless to me.  I never use it.  I was wondering if there's a way to replace the ingame adoptable children with followers.  Making them usable.  Not as children, but as like teens/young adults.  Could it be possible via a script or something that when the adoption happens that instead of moving the child to your chosen house, it disables that child and enables a chosen follower of that same name.  Say for example....

You adopt Lucia out of Whiterun.  After that happy crap of her thanking you and calling you her daddy/mommy, she runs off to say her goodbyes.  Next time you see her, she's ready to be a follower.   Might have to do some custom voicing even if it's non-spoken stuff initially, unless someone is willing to record some basic dialog to reflect that the follower is your child, calling you father/mother and such.


I would envision this being standalone either being UNP Petite or CBBE Slim but Nevernude.  Being that the child would be something like 12-14, it'd be nice if the child could be locked out of Sexlab, but not sure how that would work without being made a full child race.

I know there are mods out there to make children your followers and mods to let kids wear armor, but that just seems to be a lot of extra work and a lot of extra mods to toss into the mix.  Why not just change the children?  heh

If it's not possible, fine.  I just have a bunch of ideas rattling around in my head with no way to really work on them since the blasted programs don't want to work on my PC. hahah 

Also if this wasn't the correct venue for this, I apologize.  Mods can move/delete this as necessary.

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