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Outfit Studio produces twisted meshes

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When I try to get some piercings from Blender into Fallout 4, they end up twisted (See attached nif, especially the spheres). My workflow was as follows: Export from Blender as FXB and import into Outfit Studio. At this point the spheres were still round as they should be. Then I copied weight, applied texture and stuff (but this does not matter, it also happens if I skip that step). At last I exported it as nif, and the mesh ended up twisted there. Whatever I try it stays twisted.


Could this be caused because the new half-floats provide too few precision for small and delicate meshes? Is there any way to get the round spheres into a Fallout 4 nif while staying round?


Another unrelated question: I noticed that when you import Skyrim nifs, Outfit Studio does not convert them to the Fallout 4 format but mixes Fallout 4 shapes and Skyrim shapes in the same nif. Is this indented and does it work?


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After trying out a few things I am pretty sure that it is indeed caused by lacking precision of the half-floats.


Prior to exporting from Blender I set the origin of the shapes so that they appear at the right place when importing into Outfit Studio. This causes the vertices to have rather large offsets.


I now tried to set the origin to the center of mass (so that the vertices have hardly any offset), and I didn't move the shapes in Outfit Studio then the spheres are as round as they should be in the exported nif.  But as soon as I move them (and I have to move them to get them to the right place), the spheres are all twisted again.


How can we get rid of the half-floats?

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