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Help - FNV slave witout body


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Guest MonsterFish

I'm no expert but I'm gonna go ahead and guess they're wearing something with a missing mesh.

See if you can click on them, I can't remember my F:NV console commands so I'm gonna throw the skyrim ones out there. Try the 'Showinventory' command and see if they're wearing anything. Does the 'Removeallitems' command put them with a nude skin on?

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After i unninstal TryoutMain,

that ppl vanish where they are.

I was liking the mod but now i have to unninstal it.

You didn't install the meshes and the textures for tryout most likely



Probaly you right, i will try out later

after i finish the game,

i have too much mods right now and i dont want brteak anything anymore;.

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