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Stand-alone follower with neck gap???


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I downloaded a follower from here http://bbs.3dmgame.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=4625843&extra=page%3D5%26filter%3Dtypeid%26typeid%3D5940%26typeid%3D5940


She is a stand-alone follower with her own body and texture. It looks fine when she have clothes on




But when I wanted to change her clothes I notice this when I took off her clothes




I have try "setnpcweight 100" on her, but it mess up her face geometry and her makeup.

Also tried ctrl+f4 in the CK, same problem as setnpcweight 100.

I could be wrong, but I think it's because her head weight and her body weight are different? Can anyone help me on how to fix this? is it possible to increase her head weight with command or CK? Been messing around with nifscope but got nothing :/


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In the CK, what body weight is set in the NPC's Actor Form? I'm guessing it'll be something less than 100, but the naked body appears to be 100 weight, right?


If I'm correct in the above, then it's an easy fix. This is a common issue, though I'm not sure why it happens. It's not a very obvious problem in the CK because everything looks normal, but the .esp has a little problem where it doesn't realize properly allow the body mesh to change weight as necessary (it just always sticks to 100 weight). You need to locate the ArmorAddon Form associated with the body mesh (may need to do for the feet and hands also). Change the female Biped Model to any .nif. Save, and then change it back to point back to original file. Note that if the body mesh for the mod was packaged in a .bsa, you'll need to extract the meshes to loose files, so that the CK will detect it and you can set the Biped Model to point to it.

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Sorry, I'm very inexperience using nifskope and CK. Can you please explains where can I look for the ArmorAddon Form that associated with the body mesh? Do I open the Ck and look at the armor? Or open femalebody_1 with nifskope? Also where is the female Biped Model?

I think this is  a lose file, since it come in a package of esp + mesh + textures. Thank you for the quick responds.

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Yeah, it's not too common to have follower mods without loose files. Open the mod's .esp file in the CK, then in the Object Menu (by default, the left window), go to Items>ArmorAddon. Scroll through the list it gives you until you find something with an asterisk under its "Count" column (this indicates that the object was either edited from the Master file or is a new object from the mod; in this case it will be a new object from the mod). If the mod adds no new armors and only one new NPC, it is likely that you will see only three Forms with asterisks (one for the body, feet and hands). If this is not the case then you'll have to differentiate the three that correspond to the naked body, feet, and hands from the ArmorAddons for the armors for example. Then you do as I mentioned above.

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Okay, so I try out what you recommended. The weight seem match up now, but for some reason this happen



Somehow she's using the femalebody_1.nif that normal female are using. I thought I messed up some where, so I had to reinstall the mod. But nope

that is her original body straight from the mod. *I circle the wrong one, it's suppose to be the one I highlight on top.*

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Assuming you set the .esp to direct to the same .nif file as the original mod did (and it looks like you did that correctly), there's no reason another body (such as the default body mod you have installed) would be used instead. Also, if you didn't touch any of the skin texture options, that should be fine as well. Also, as a side note, you need to repeat this process for the feet and hands ArmorAddons as well. If you followed my instructions (and it seems that you did) and this occurred, I'm afraid this might be beyond my knowledge.

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I did it with hand and feet. The reason I responded so late is because I was doing that thing over 4 times, making sure that it was the original. I circle that picture wrong, I didn't touch the texture.

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