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Breasts performing weirdly during sex (pic included)

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Hello guys, I'm having a problem when my characters are having sex. The breasts perform weirdly, sometimes caving in like in the picture. I'm using 7B body and XPMS skeleton. Any help in how to fix this will be appreciated. EDIT: I'm sorry I couldn't take a better picture. Forgot to turn on the free camera in MCM previous to starting the sex scene and if I do it via console my game gets bugged.


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Thank you both. Yes it seems I actually am using the Extended version of XPMS. Anyway I'll try those steps and see how it goes.


EDIT: I was able to fix the problem. It seems Ragdoll physics was messing with my skeleton, reinstalling XPMS and letting it override it fixed the problem. Thank you both so much.

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