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Modding beginner seeking help ...


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I am an absolute modding beginner and looking for someone who could help me a little.

UFO is already out of date and EFF I do not particularly like. So I want to try to make my own companion manager. Possibly later with something more SL support. ;)

I am looking for information how to replace the vanilla follower dialogues and management. And how I can build my own.

Alls hints, script examples and other information are welcome!


Thank you for help!


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If you are a real beginner, then just go on http://www.creationkit.com and follow the basic tutorials.

Be sure you can run the Creation Kit, if you never did it before (download it from Steam.)


Then in the CK, but after you will familiarize a little with it, go in Character->Quest and search for DialogueFollower.

Open it and look how it is done.


Be aware that this task is not the most appropriate for a beginner.


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Ok, thank you.

Yes, I've already worked with CK. Have made a merchant running around in riverwood, but without big dialogue options.

So, I will check this quest you sayed.


I'm a beginner in modding, but not in other things like programming in C/C++/Pascal or scripts on linux (ie perl, shell scripts, and other). So I hope I get a quick start with CK scripting and modding.


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Internet is full of tutorials to mod Skyrim. Decide what you want to do and then search for somebody that already did or some tutorials for the basic stuff.

About scripting you can use my "Papyrus for Skyrim Guide" to learn the scripting language for Skyrim.


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Please keep in mind that the standard followers are handled by the game engine by a set of items.

Luckly you can turn pretty much whoever NPC you want by just a couple of lines of code.

About dialogues they are defined as normal dialogues.

And they are almost all inside "DialogueFollower" Quest.

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I would like to manage the follower management themselves, but have to see if I go get it at all, or it is even feasible for now.

But want the standard dialogs not change too much, so that everything stays clean. Then I add a sub-dialogues and manage all about.

I must see, if I can handle this. First I'll see how it works at all.

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