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Asked for username and password when downloading


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Hi All,


When trying to download a file I get asked for a username and password. I have tried the one I use for the site but it does not work. I am using IDM to download and using IE, but get asked for a username and password? Any help appreciated.



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Thanks Mogie, that helped me get to the bottom of the problem, I have forced IDM to not download the file using its download method which then worked. Never had an issue with IDM before but seems to have an issue with this site.

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That review of idm is shockinly bad/naive and unbeliveable stupid.

I've been using idm for years .

I regularly install and uninstall  new versions and i use the addon in my Firefox browser.

What ever that guy is rambling on about has nothing to do with IDM.

It has no adware and the only time it bugs you is if you are using the trial version and a reminder nag screen box will pop up reminding you that the trial will runn out is * days.

There is an easy way to reset the trial or just use the full version.

All the guy had to do was use a good uninstaller program that would have cleaned up any left overs from the idm install.


Apart from doing a good job with most hosts it's also  very useful with pan baidu links ,which anyone who really knows what they are talking about will tell you.


Mipony is good with mega links ,but you should get an offline installer of Mipony as it does have bundled adware annoyances.

Though mipony has to decrypt mega links after the dowmload has finished.(it doesn't take long)

Megadownloader app can decrpt mega downloads on the fly ,but it has problems sometimes ,so i stopped using it.


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