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A few questions..


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Can someone recommend me a skimpy armor replacer for all vanilla and dlc armors?




I am using UNPB TBBP body but 7base Bombshell armors with BBP are working fine with it. There is no difference between them?



7base BBP and 7base HDT are the same? and UNPB HDT and UNPB BBP?


I am asking about that because I downloaded Dark Vampire Knight armor mod  both 7base and UNPB HDT but none of them is jiggling

or maybe it's armor specific because it's covering breasts completely? 

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HDT dosen't really have anything to do with the body itself, rather it has more to do with the body rig. 

-> Sevenbase is a UNP-derived body mod, so naturally, many armours work with both. <-


In other words: 

No, BBP and HDT are not the same.


((( OBS! I'm not an expert )))

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To sort out potential confusion; BBP and HDT aren't animations. 


HDT: physics and collitions related.

BBP: physics and collitions related, with a focus on breasts, in-particular.

TBBP: a mixture of animations and physics-and-collitions-related-content, with a focus on breasts and butts, in-particular.


Physics and Collitions > free movement and determined interactions with other in-game elements. 

Animations > pre-determined movement patterns, created using nodes (amongst other methods) within external softwares. 



Some armours use a set body, so when you put the armour on, the breasts (w/ other parts of the body) may change in a number of fashions





Hope that answers your questions. 

Though, once again, I'm not expert.

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