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got a problem with my Vram !


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hey , i have a GTX 690 which is a dual GPU card & it has 4 gb of GDDR5 Vram

my game kept on ctding i tried everything but nothing worked so i tried skyrim performance monitor & skyrim only uses up to 2100 mb never goes higher than that even tho my card is 4 GB , not sure if that's coz of the dual GPU thing with built in SLI & stuff or not but i tested the game on my laptop with a Nvidia GTX 870m 4Gb of Vram & it was using around 3 ~ 3.8 Gb of my vram ..  

SO on my PC as soon as the game needs more than the 2.1 Gb Vram that it has it justs crashes but it works just fine on my laptop , i'm not too sure if there's a fix for that or what to do but if someone knows what to do i'll be more than thankful to him <3 .... 

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