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Animation Glitch - Fix request


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Good afternoon,


Today i was trying a couple of new different idle animations when i stuck upon a glitch that i don't know how to solve. First i thought it was a bug with FNIS animation generator because of the other animations that i use but I tried in a fresh/modless game and the glitch persisted.


The animation set comes from this mod: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/15143/?


Files: Castanic Idle v07 | Castanic Idle v05 | Castanic Idle v04

         HighElf Style Idle v06 |  HighElf Style Idle v05 | HighElf Style Idle v04


They glitch happens when you crouch, the screen jumps and this don't happens normally as it moves and follows the movement of the character. I thought that maybe is was a bug in the .hkx files and i tried to edit them but I couldn't open the files because my computers don't allow me to instal the editing the program.


If someone could help me i would be glad.



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