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Vampire Lord


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Before I go to Vampire Lord form I could feed and everything,but when I turn into Vampire Lord its working fine and animations everything is perfect,and when I revert form,I cant feed anymore on people,I try sneak mode there is no "Feed" option only to pickpocket,is there any fix mod or something please? I want to make my vampirism progress :(

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Ok here is something that could help I guess? Okay,soo im Imperial Race,I asked Serena to turn me into vampire,and she did I could feed and everything,then I turn into Vampire Lord working perfect,killing bitches there and here,and I went to revert form,then I had a Vampire Seductress think all the time,it never dissapear (usually you can use it when its day). I even tried with Better Vampires and Fix custom race thing I even tried every mod vampire to fix this problem. I even cured myself 5 times (had to do setstage console thing for this quest ). Help please :(

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