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[REQ] Rescue Companion Mod?

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I was thinking. Do you know when your companion starts a fight and you get out while she still fighting for you? Or when she is knocked down and you can't rescue or kill the enemy envolved in the combat?

Instead when you change the scenario the companion just "teleport" to your side, wouldn't it be more real that he/she is captured by the enemies that you left behind? At this point, could start a new mini quest and you have to rescue her.

 - If you have a bounty and was attacked by guard and your companion is down and you run away, the companion is under arrest;

- If other enemy humanoid do that, she could be enslaved (using some mods like SD or Devious);

 - If she is knocked out by some animal, you could find her in some cave.

This is just examples. Do you have any idea if exist a mod that already do something similar?

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