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Creature problems


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I'm having problems with getting schlongs of creatures to appear. The animations work with the exception that none of the creatures are equipped. This  affects dogs, wolves, dragons, giants, draughr, any creature. People are fine.
Every thing had been working fine. I saw that there were some updates to FNIS, SOS, MNC, SLNC, etc. So I uploaded them and have had problems since. I've been activating/deactivating different mods to see what the problem is. I use NMM and LOOT.

I've attached my load order from NMM. I'd appreciate any help.




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I've uninstalled the new versions of various mods like MNC, SLNC, FNIS (even though the animations were working). It seems to have done the trick.

I don't know what caused the problem for sure, but at least it's working again.

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