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[Request] Creating a Preset from a Mod NPC


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I've been trying to get this to work for most of a day so far, to no success, so I'd like to request this here.


I want to play as Lara Croft, using the face and features of m0ckin9bird's Lara Croft 2013 mod. I've tried Face Copy, tried exporting a face with SPF on the console, and tried copying the face via Creation Kit to a preset, and nothing seems to work. For the first two, the face comes off horribly disfigured and messed up, and for the CK editing, the preset doesn't change at all. 

Basically, I'd love it if somebody could create a simple ESP that takes the face of Lara Croft from the above mod and makes it a preset for the Nord or Imperial race (whichever you prefer, the Lara in the mod is a Nord), so that I can select it in ShowRaceMenu or when starting a new game. 

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With RaceMenu 3.x you can import/export head sculpting easily. Just take Laras facegen data - it's a "simple" nif file and copy it to SKSE/CharGen. Something like this, I'm not sure, I'll check it when i get back home in few hours. Then in game just hit F9 in sculpting mode and import Lara head. It's really simple. I've done this multiple times.

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